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Our Story


From single-parent households to homeless families. To seniors with disabilities and children in low socioeconomic schools, the San Antonio Food Bank fights hunger and feeds hope to 90,000 South Texans-- EVERY WEEK!



Each spring, after the altruism of the holiday season has subsided, the Food Bank’s shelves deplete quicker than they’re restocked. This limits the availability of and accessibility to nutritionally adequate foods, and the consequences are far reaching! Food insecure South Texans then face even greater risks of malnutrition, complications during pregnancy, decreased energy, poorer performance at work and school, and reduced physical and mental development in children-- ultimately perpetuating the cycle of poverty in our city. But not on our watch. We refuse to stand by and do nothing.


We’ll collect whatever non-perishable food, funds and volunteer hours you can give. The Food Bank turns every dollar into 7 meals. Whether it’s a bag full of food, a truck full, or a pocket full of change it all makes a difference! We also have several volunteer opportunities directly at the SA Food Bank and

urban farms to lend a hand! 



Join the fight this year. Help us fight hunger and FeedSA with hope by providing 800,000 meals. 

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