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Have we said we’re so glad you’re part of the team?! With your help you will set the table for the food insecure in our city. We ask all Champions to Give Voice and to choose one additional way to fight hunger.



Do you want to host your own food drive? Non-perishable items are crucial to the success of the Food Bank. For every 10 pounds donated, 1 meal can be provided to our community. Decide when, where, and how you plan to do it. Here are some ideas:


  • Set a date and communicate it to your neighborhood, either through a printed handout provided in your Champion Toolkit or on a social platform (ie. NextDoor, Facebook Group, etc) and have them leave nonperishable items at their front door for you to collect on a certain date. 

  • Brand a box or container with your Feed SA marketing materials and place it in your gym, workplace, or school for a certain period of time. 

  • Host a get-together with friends and family and tell them to bring nonperishable items.  


Once you have your food drive specifics click here to register your drive with the Food Bank. Be sure to click ‘Yes’ when asked, ‘Are you registering as a Feed SA Champion’. Please note Food Drive barrels need to be kept indoors and because our trucks cannot go into residential areas, Food Drives may not be hosted at an individual home but HOA buildings or a community building are a good alternative.


If you’re not able to host your own Food Drive, check out our website to see a list of Champions hosting a Food Drive near you.


give money

Through the incredible buying power of our local Food Bank, every dollar donated creates 7 meals. The Food Bank created a very easy way for you to raise money through their online donation platform. Follow the steps below to set up your own team and keep track of your donations.


  1. Start a fundraising team here:

  2. Click the red box labeled ‘Create a Team’ to start your own virtual Fundraiser and follow the instructions to personalize your fundraising page with Feed SA.


If you have questions about this process email Kelly King at

give time

Feed SA has created a list of volunteer opportunities for you to invite your friends and family to join you in serving. You can choose from sorting in the warehouse, to harvesting and preparing land in the Urban Farm. Choose at least 1 or all the ways to show up and serve in this season.  


We ask all our Champions to Give Voice because the voice of the community is a powerful way to affect change. You can help by using the power of social media to spread the word about our fight against hunger and by recruiting businesses you know or clubs you are a part of to participate. Share your impact to inspire others to act. Learn more about our mission and hunger in our community. Be sure to include the following tags and hashtags when you post:

  • #FeedSA2024

  • Instagram @FeedSanAntonio

  • Facebook @FeedSA 

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