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We have compiled a list of questions  and answers that will assist you. If you don't find the answers your are looking for simply email us. We are here to assist! 

What is Feed SA?

A city-wide movement to fight hunger Every Feed SA season, we call on Champions to fundraise, donate, and serve with the San Antonio Food Bank.

Why is Feed SA?

The Feed SA campaign focuses on providing meals to the Food Bank prior to the summer months. Every summer over 200,000 children in San Antonio lose access to free or reduced meal program making it difficult for some families to provide sufficient and nutritious meals throughout the summer. Our goal is to help raise the millions of meals needed to ensure children eat throughout the summer.

What is Feed SA Champion?

A Feed SA Champion is an individual, a business, or organization that commits to help raise food, funds, and serve with the San Antonio Food Bank.


What are the benefits of becoming a champion?

 When you become a Champion, you join a larger group of individuals, groups and organizations whose impact is greater, together. Along with the guidance and experience of past Champions, you receive a toolkit to help you have a successful campaign including, stories of those impacted my food insecurity, social media templates, and assets, collateral to share with your community and digital versions of everything we offer.


How do I become a champion?

Click Here to fill out a short survey and your journey has begun! Our team will follow up with additional details and are always available for questions.


Do I have to be a member of an organization?

No, each individual who is a part of this movement is why we have a successful campaign each year. Everyone’s network is unique to them and with your help we can be sure no kid goes without a meal during the summer months.


Are there resources to help me have a successful campaign?

Yes, as a champion you will receive access to our digital toolkit that includes video stories, social media templates, Feed SA logos, and so much more. You also receive printed material and a Feed SA t-shirt to help build awareness and to serve your fundraising efforts.


I’m just one person, am I able to make a difference?

 Yes, every voice helps! Not only are we able to leverage $1 into 7 meals or 10 lbs of food but your network and your community are specific to only you! Your voice is able to help us feed our neighbors in need every time you share the mission of Feed SA and the San Antonio Food Bank!


Do I have to volunteer, raise money and collect food?

While we would love for you to participate in all facets of the campaign, we know it’s not always possible. We encourage you to choose the components of Feed SA that make sense for you or your organization.


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